The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and its national education centre for the Great Barrier Reef, Reef HQ Aquarium, offer an extensive range of educational resources and programs.

These resources are curriculum-linked for all year levels, from early learning to grade 12.

Educational resources and programs

Reef Guardian schools

Empowering students, teachers and communities

Resources for each year level

These are curriculum-linked teaching materials specifically developed to be integrated in school learning as science focused units.

There are units for each year level – from early learning to grade 12 – making it an easy resource for teachers to utilise.

Reef Beat education series

The Reef Beat education series is a popular resource for teaching primary school students. Each series focuses on a different topic and includes posters, an activity book and, in some cases, videos.

The education series covers a range of topics, including climate change, sea country connection, sustainability, wetlands, threats to the Reef, biodiversity and more.

Explore resources by topic

Teachers can explore all resources by topic, including coastal ecosystems, endangered species, extreme weather, the Great Barrier Reef, Indigenous use, marine debris, responsible reef practices, climate change, tourism and water quality.

Reef Guardian schools

The Reef Guardian schools program connects students to environmental and sustainability projects within their classrooms, their school grounds and local areas such as native habitat revegetation, cleaning up beaches and recycling. Find out more about Reef Guardian Schools.

Reef HQ Aquarium programs

Reef Ed - Growing up on the Reef

Growing up on the Reef

School programs at Reef HQ Aquarium

These are age-specific, innovated, curriculum-centered programs delivered at Reef HQ Aquarium. There are both day and night programs that encourage students to stimulate their minds through investigation challenges, hands-on activities and captivating discussions.

Virtual connections 

Reef HQ Aquarium use video-conferencing to virtually connect with classrooms. Students are taken on a virtual dive from their classroom to divers in the Coral Reef and Predator Exhibits of Reef HQ Aquarium.

Educational videos

The Reef Education team at Reef HQ Aquarium are developing virtual lessons through YouTube videos with supporting worksheets. Subscribe to the YouTube channel to stay up-to-date.