How to use your GPS chartplotter unit

How do you know which zone you’re in when you’re out fishing in the Marine Park? There are many GPS chartplotters available to help you know and follow the zoning rules  and avoid a hefty fine.

There are also many brands of GPS plotters available, and each shows zoning a little differently. In this video series, we explain how to use three popular GPS units – Lowrance Elite, Garmin and Raymarine.

Use these short videos to understand how your GPS unit shows zoning.

How to use your Lowrance Elite GPS plotter

How to use your Garmin GPS plotter

How to use your Raymarine GPS plotter


Before you go out on the water:
  • Check your GPS unit is working properly.
  • Check whether you have the latest updates on your navigation card that show you the overlays.
  • Crosscheck the GPS coordinates on your chartplotter with those on the sign at your boat ramp.
While out on the water:
  • Always crosscheck your GPS unit with a hardcopy map. Zoning maps are free and available from tackle shops and information centres.
  • Fold your zoning map to display the area you are fishing and sit it behind your GPS unit for quick reference.

Please note: The GPS units used in these instructional videos are for demonstration purposes only. Their depiction does not suggest that they, or any individual vendors or services associated with them, are necessarily endorses or recommended by either the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority or the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service. Consumers should make their own enquiries as to which GPS unit is most suited to their individual needs.