Hinchinbrook Plan of Management

Hinchinbrook Planning Area

Hinchinbrook is a place of rugged beauty with a diverse range of habitats and natural attractions. The area is popular with both locals and visitors for boating, recreational and commercial fishing and island camping.

What is the Hinchinbrook Plan of Management?

The Hinchinbrook Plan of Management 2004 (the Plan) helps protect and conserve the outstanding values of this world famous area while allowing for a range of experiences and uses in the Marine Park. The Plan applies to everyone and complements zoning (and other management strategies) by addressing area specific issues.

A range of management tools are used so visitors can enjoy their favourite marine activities while protecting the natural environment. Rules in the Plan relate to protection of wildlife, vessel length,  group  size, motorised water  sports, anchoring and mooring and other vessel/aircraft restrictions.

The Hinchinbrook Planning Area extends offshore from Dunk Island to Halifax Bay. View the Hinchinbrook Maps Information sheet to understand the boundary and Locations within the Hinchinbrook Planning Area.

The Planning Area does not include the Hinchinbrook Channel or the intertidal waters (these are Queensland Government managed waters). The Hinchinbrook Island National Park Management Plan contains more information.  The Palm Island Group is also not part of the Planning Area.

What you need to know about the Hinchinbrook Plan of Management

It is important to be familiar with the different management tools used within the Marine Park as there are implications for non-compliance. Click on 'General Access to the Hinchinbrook Planning Area' and the headings below to find out what rules apply.