Marine Monitoring Program

What is the Marine Monitoring Program - sea grass image

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Monitoring Program surveys and reports on the health of inshore coral, seagrass and water quality every year, and has done so for over 15 years.

Every summer, we examine satellite images of floods and river plumes entering the Great Barrier Reef. Monitoring teams measure the pollutants in them, and link these and other pressures to effects we observe on inshore coral and seagrass meadows .

This has improved our scientific understanding of how the Reef is affected by pressures (e.g. cyclones, floods, rising ocean temperatures and land-based run-off), and informed our management decisions.

Detailed methods are published in the annual QA/QC manuals. Results (including case studies ) are available in technical reports for coral, seagrass and water quality in our publications e-Library.

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