As accumulating pressures impact on the Great Barrier Reef’s resilience, it’s more important than ever to collaborate with the Reef’s neighbouring communities and empower people to be part of the solution.

One million residents live in the Reef catchment, an area of 300,000 square kilometres stretching from northern Cape York to Bundaberg. Catchment communities are highly diverse and include remote Indigenous communities, agricultural districts and large regional cities.

Regional teams based in Cairns, Mackay, Yeppoon and Gladstone are working with stakeholders and communities to help build the Reef’s resilience and improve its long-term outlook.

The teams have established a strong presence and through their local knowledge and networks are working collectively on regional responses to pressures such as climate change, declining water quality, coastal development and direct use of the Reef.

The regional teams are responsible for coordinating the Local Marine Advisory Committees and the Reef Guardian Council stewardship program.

They also encourage the next generation to take on the challenges facing the Reef through the Reef Guardian school stewardship program.

Focus on recreational users

Recognising that recreational users of the Reef are priority stakeholders, officers attend fishing competitions and events to educate recreational users about the proven benefits of green zones, promote the Eye on the Reef app and support the Authority’s Protect your Patch campaign.

So far this year, the officers attended 31 events which target recreational users and personally interacted with over 4,100 recreational users.

Our regional offices can be contacted at: