The Reef Guardian schools program began in 2003 and sees students, teachers, their communities and local environmental agencies make positive environmental changes for the marine environment.

A key objective of the Reef Guardian Schools program is to create awareness, understanding and appreciation for the Reef and its connected ecosystems.

This fosters stewardship and promotes a community culture of custodianship for Reef protection.

It empowers students and gives them a sense of involvement in the bigger picture and encourages them to make a positive difference.

Students team up with others in their community to actively participate in activities aimed at improving catchments, water quality, sustainability, and Reef health.

This includes environmental and sustainability projects within their classrooms, their school grounds and local areas such as native habitat revegetation, cleaning up beaches and recycling.

The Reef Guardian Schools program has 288 schools, more than 132,000 students and 8700 teachers.

Reef Beat education series

Schools and teachers have access to education resources to assist with education about the Great Barrier Reef.

Becoming a Reef Guardian School

The Reef Guardian Schools program operates with schools in the Great Barrier Reef catchment, between Cooktown to Bundaberg. To find out more about the program please email .

For more information on the program and to register your interest, contact the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority.

Reef Guardian School engagement - image credit Cameron Laird

Reef Guardian Schools