Reef Guardian Marine Aquarium Fish and Coral Collectors

Marine aquarium fish and coral collectors are active participants in the Reef Guardian Fishers program who fish sustainably using a highly selective hand collection method and maintain an extensive range of dive sites to spread fishing effort.

Collecting is a harvest fishery industry, supplying marine life for display in aquariums. Activities are licensed by Fisheries Queensland and are permitted by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in the Marine Park in accordance with strict conditions and guidelines.

This includes highly detailed logbook reporting, quota monitoring, ecological risk assessments with input from scientific experts, and monitoring harvesting practices.

This fishery established the representative body Pro-Vision Reef, responsible for publishing a uniform standard of collecting fish and coral.

The standard addresses the impact of fisheries' operations on fish and coral populations and also includes direct links to triggers in the Response Plan for Coral Bleaching.

These Reef Guardian Fishers are also operating their vessels safely in an efficient manner to minimise the chance of marine pollution. They are also seeking to maximise energy efficiency of their onshore husbandry facilities.

Stewardship Action Plan 2013: Mitigating Ecological Risk in a Changing Climate

The Stewardship Action Plan 2013 was specifically designed to complement fishery and protected areas management arrangements and was developed by industry in partnership with government agencies (including the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority), world-renowned coral and fish scientists and conservation organisations. The initiative enabled industry to contribute in a purposeful and practical way to the ecological sustainability of the fisheries at the individual fishery practitioner level.

Reef Guardian Fish and Coral Collector interview