The making of a Master Reef Guide

Becoming a Master Reef Guide

The Master Reef Guides program provides a formal and appealing qualification to tourism staff.

To reach a Master Reef Guide status, a comprehensive selection and training process is required.

Master Reef Guides are considered the best in their field for reef interpretations, master storytelling and experience delivery. As one of the first Master Reef Guides so perfectly put it:

“The Master Reef Guides were brought together to learn how to enhance people’s reef experiences through storytelling, creating those unforgettable WOW moments, and planting seeds for people to take home and grow into something beautiful,” Natalie Lobartolo, Master Reef Guide.

What's involved

Since 2019, four Master Reef Guides cohorts have graduated.

Each cohort is carefully selected and trained in a range of areas such as public speaking, enhancing visitor experience, and the power of interpretation.