Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation is a key charity dedicated to protecting the Great Barrier Reef, with a focus is on resilience, restoration and innovation.

As the lead manager of the Great Barrier Reef, the Marine Park Authority works with the Foundation to ensure alignment of efforts across our organisations and enhance the delivery of outcomes for the Great Barrier Reef.

The Marine Park Authority provides advice to the Foundation through a range of forums, including through its International Scientific Advisory Committee and Partnership Management Committee and a number of project-specific working groups, and our CEO is an observer to meetings of the Foundation’s Board.

The Authority and the Foundation have an overarching Memorandum of Understanding which sets out how our two organisations work cooperatively in the protection of the Great Barrier Reef.

Current projects

We are working with the Foundation on a number of projects focused on delivering improved outcomes for the Reef. These include:

Reef Trust Partnership

The Reef Trust Partnership is a $443.3 million, six year grant between the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, which manages the Reef Trust funding on behalf of the Australian Government, and the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. The Partnership has been established to build on and support delivery of the joint Australian and Queensland governments Reef 2050 Long-Term Sustainability Plan, with a particular focus on projects that can help build the Reef’s resilience.

Through our role on the Partnership Management Committee and project working groups, the Authority is providing advice on the development of projects relevant to our work in the Marine Park.

The Reef Trust Partnership grant agreement also requires that we are consulted on the development of strategic planning documents under the Partnership.