Onboard a superyacht

Superyacht on the Great Barrier Reef

A superyacht is a high-value, luxury sailing or motor vessel in use for sport or pleasure — it is a great way to enjoy the Great Barrier Reef!

Before setting off on your adventure, please take the time to understand the rules that apply to your vessel.  This will vary depending on the length of the vessel and if you are a recreational visitor or commercial operator.

Read below for information about operating superyachts in the Marine Park:

Whitsundays related information in this document is not current. For information relating to the Whitsundays refer to the Superyacht Guide to the Whitsundays

Where can your vessel go?

The length of your vessel determines where it can go.

Overall length is 110 per cent of the vessel’s load-line certification.  If the overall length cannot be determined this way, it’s the distance between: a vertical line passing through a point that is the foremost part of the stern; and a vertical line passing through a point that is the aftermost part of the stern.