Tourism and charter operations

Some commercial activities and operations require a permit to occur in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Great Barrier Reef (Coast) Marine Park, including tourism programs and charter operations.

There is more detailed information available about the permission system, application and assessment fees, and how we assess applications.

Tourism program

A tourist program is a commercial activity that provides transport, accommodation or services to people who are visiting the Marine Parks mainly for recreation and enjoyment. Tourists may be local residents, from within Australia or international visitors.

Vessel or aircraft charter operation

A vessel or aircraft charter operation involves business activity that allows a company to charge a fee for the charter of their vessel or aircraft to non-tourists. The activities under this permission include provision of transport, accommodation, and services to non-tourists who are using the vessel or aircraft for management activities, work, research or other non-tourism related purposes such as commercial filming.

Tourism and charter permissions may be granted for a period of up to eight years for most applications or 20 years for high standard tourism operations.