Any proposed activity in the Marine Parks that requires a permission is subject to an assessment and a decision on whether the permission is granted.

Permits online

An online application portal allows applicants to submit their Marine Parks application (both new and continuation) and track its progress. The system also enables applicants to view existing permits, submit required documentation and update contact details.

Application guidelines provide a comprehensive guide to applying for an Marine Parks permission.

What information should be included?

Applications for permission must provide enough information about the proposed activity to allow managing agencies to conduct an assessment of potential impacts and determine the most appropriate risk management measures. Refer to ’How we assess applications’

An application will be considered as properly made when all relevant information is provided to the Marine Park Authority - refer to the Application checklists for information on what's needed.

How long will it take to assess?

We have developed a Service Charter for the permission system which provides information on the service level standards for routine and tailored assessment approaches. For further information on the assessment approaches go to Permission System Policy.

Where permission is granted, the applicant will receive a permit detailing the permission(s) granted and how activities are to be conducted.