Carrying out works

New permissions to carry out works may require public comment with the assessment approach of Public Information Package, Public Environment Report or Environmental Impact Statement.

Some continuation applications for existing permissions may also require public comment. Specific information is required at the time of application. We recommend contacting the Marine Park Authority before applying for a permission to carry out works in the Marine Parks.

Permissions for carrying out works cannot be granted in the Remote Natural Area covering most of the Far Northern Management Area. Carrying out works is not permitted in a Preservation Zones or if it is inconsistent with objectives of other zones or a Plan of Management. There are also non-statutory site plans and site management arrangements that required consideration.

Environmental Management Plan

An Environmental Management Plan may be required at the time of application or requested as further information during the assessment. If permission is granted, an updated Environmental Management Plan will require approval from the Authority prior to commencing works. Applicants should refer to the assessment guidelines for further information about Environmental Management Plans.  

Deed of agreement

Most carrying out works permission conditions require the permission holder to enter into a deed of agreement with the Authority. For further information about deeds refer to the application guidelines.