Far Northern site specific management

To protect the sensitive values and balance multiple uses at a localised level, site specific management is required. It is important to consider the rules for these sites when planning your visit.

The sites listed below have either a Site Plan, Site Management Arrangement or a Special Management Area.

Before accessing the site information below refer to the following information for the Management Area:

  • Zoning Maps:
  • Commercial fishers should read the Special Management Areas to ensure they are familiar with No Dories Detached Special Management Areas and One Dory Detached Special Management Areas (in addition to zoning).
  • For commercial vessels greater than 50 metres refer to your permit and the Zoning Plan.
  • The Remote Natural Area covers most of the Far Northern Management Area with the exception of some small areas along the coastline (see map).   Within the Remote Natural Area, motorised watersports (including high speed vessels), dumping of spoil, reclamation, beach protection works, harbour works, and the construction of structures other than vessel moorings and navigational aids are not allowed.
  • 11 Designated Anchorages are available in the Far Northern Management Area with a booking.
    • The nine anchorages in the Remote Natural Area cater for cruise ships up to 120 metres in length, and up to 150 passengers.
    • There are no size requirements or passenger limits for the two Flinders Island Group Designated Anchorages.

There a number of sensitive values in the Far Northern Management Area