Cairns/Cooktown site specific management

Image of aerial, Moore Reef, Great Barrier Reef. Image credit Angelina Pilarinos

Moore Reef — Cairns/Cooktown Management Area

To protect the sensitive values and balance multiple uses at a localised level, site specific management is required. It is important to consider the rules for these sites when planning your visit.

The sites listed below have either a Site Plan, Site Management Arrangement or a Special Management Area.

Before accessing the site information below refer to the following information for the Management Area:

In the Cairns Planning Area the following rules apply to all locations:

  • Overview Map, detailed Sector Maps and  Cairns Area Plan of Management.
  • Anchoring is not allowed within 50 metres of mooring or 200 metres of a pontoon except for some sites as listed below.
  • Motorised water sport can only occur outside of a location. The use of hovercraft is allowed at Lizard Island Locality 2 only. Personal watercraft can be used for transit within a Location.