Ron and Valerie Taylor were two of Australia’s first marine conservationist. Ron Taylor passed away on 9 September 2012 he is survived by his wife Valerie.

Ron Taylor captured marine life through the lens of a camera and shared his passion with the world as one of the very first marine conservationists.

He lived an amazingly full life, ironically starting off as a champion spear fisherman and eventually becoming a world renowned marine conservationist.

He is survived by his equally passionate wife Valerie, who together shared a life of wonderful adventures spreading their enthusiasm for marine conservation and educating others on the virtues of sharks.

The couple spent 40 years sharing their shark and marine conservation message while filming animals of the deep in different locations all over the world.

Together they changed the perception of sharks, educating others on the species’ importance in maintaining a balance in healthy ocean ecosystems.

The Taylors’ conservation work not only encompassed sharks. They also contributed greatly to garnering support for the conservation of the Great Barrier Reef and its animals. Filming on the Great Barrier Reef launched their careers as cinema-photographers and conservationists.

Together they both directed and filmed a series about the Great Barrier Reef which was distributed and played world-wide with the aim of capturing audiences’ attention to inspire a love of the Great Barrier Reef.

Their careers saw both of the Taylors awarded many accolades for their marine conservation work. Ron was awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 2003.