Size: 1790.5 ha
Zone: Habitat Protection (Dark Blue) Zone
Management Area: Mackay / Capricorn Management Area
Managed by: the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

This Reef was named in recognition of Dr Isobel Bennett AO, who achieved high standing as an Australian marine scientist not by education but by sheer hard work, determination, attention to detail and a never-ending curiosity. Her unique approach to science and life as a researcher, educator and conservationist stood her high regard in the minds of those who knew her personally or through her works as a leading Australian marine biologist and seashore naturalist.

The name was agreed to under Memorandum of Understanding between Australian Hydrographic Office, Department of Environment and Resource Management and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority who named the reef on 13 October 2008.

Biography of Dr Isobel Bennett AO (1909-2008)