Reef beat junior outlook

The Junior Outlook Reef Beat presents a series of posters focused on results from the Authority’s Outlook Report 2019, introduces some amazing animals seen along the Reef and the actions students can take to protect the Reef.

Reef Beat video and activity book

Our Reef Beat education series, threats to the Reef, encourages teachers and students to explore the Great Barrier Reef, threats to the Reef and ways to protect its health and improve its resilience. The series includes an activity book and five short videos.

We have a range of educational resources for teachers and students about climate change and the Great Barrier Reef.

Reef beat series - climate change

Threats to the Reef video and activity book

Climate change teaching unit

Our climate change teaching mini unit is aimed at year 10 level. Over approximately seven weeks, students explore the carbon cycle and the four global systems: biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere. Students will investigate greenhouses gases and carbon dioxide and describe the relationship between the carbon cycle and climate change.

Coral bleaching teaching unit

Our coral bleaching teaching mini unit is aimed at year eight level. Over approximately six weeks, students will observe different animal and plant cells under the microscope and will investigate the structure and function of different animal cells and observe and describe the function of chloroplast in plant cells. Students will investigate zooxanthellae and their symbiotic relationship with coral and use this understanding to explain coral bleaching.

Reef beat poster and education series

Aimed at all year levels, the Reef beat climate change poster series and attached resource book contains activities for students of all ages.

Climate change web page

Our website contains information on climate change and how it may affect the Great Barrier Reef.

Climate change animations

Our YouTube channel hosts several short animations that describe the causes and effects of climate change.