The Cape York Local Marine Advisory Committee (LMAC) region extends from Bloomfield River in the south to the top of Cape York. It includes the catchments of the Endeavour and Annan Rivers and the Normanby, Morehead and North Kennedy Rivers (which drain into Princess Charlotte Bay), Stewart, Lockhart, Pascoe and Olive Rivers.

Regional focus

With an east coast focus, the Cape York LMAC provides a forum for individuals and local groups with an interest in managing the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Cooktown is the administrative centre for the large Cook Shire however there are a number of smaller but significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities within the Cape York LMAC region including Wujal Wujal, Hopevale, Laura, Coen/Port Stewart, Lockhart River and communities in the Northern Peninsula Area (Bamaga, Injinoo and Seisia).

The Cape York region is renowned for its vast spectacular natural landscapes and remoteness. The region contains areas of exceptional conservation value, including relatively intact and extensive coastal dune-fields, wetlands, rainforest, heathlands, river and marine ecosystems.

Much of the east coast of Cape York is under Aboriginal ownership or management and contains large and significant national parks. Indigenous Land and Sea Management Programs and centres have been established at Cooktown, Coen/Port Stewart, Lockhart River and in the Northern Peninsula Area.

Local Marine Advisory Committee members

Jessie Price-DecleChair
Alice GanfieldSecretary
Cameron Bourne 
Russell Bowman 
Kathy Lawfer 
Harry Ludwick 
Trevor Meldrum 
Wilfred Peter 
Ramon Samanes 
Kate Smith 
Chrissy Warren 
Kristina Davidson 
Abbey Ernst 
Cassie Grover 
Helen Penrose 
Kathrina Southwell 

More information

For further information please contact:Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Cape York Regional Office
PO Box 6091
Tel: (07) 4057 0700