The Bowen-Burdekin Local Marine Advisory Committee (LMAC) extends from Haughton River to Yeates Creek and includes Giru, Ayr and Bowen communities.

The Bowen-Burdekin Local Marine Advisory Committee is a new Advisory Committee.

Regional focus

The Bowen-Burdekin region is diverse and its prosperous economy is based on agriculture, fishing, tourism, and mining.

The Burdekin region is labelled the sugar capital of Australia. Local farms are drought-proof because of the Burdekin River, the reserves of the Burdekin Falls Dam and an underground aquifer which lies just 10 metres below the surface.

Just north of Bowen is the Abbot Point coal loading port. Coal is mined inland of Bowen in the Bowen Basin and is brought by rail to a deepwater pier to be loaded on bulk carriers.

The Bowen-Burdekin region is a mecca for fishing and is well-known for its barramundi, mudcrabs, other estuary species and off-coast reef fishing. The region has one of the highest rates of boat ownership per head of population.

Local Marine Advisory Committee activities

  • Supporting the Burdekin Shire Council at the Its Your Reef event.
  • Attending the Low Tide walk to the Head Island Lighthouse.

Local Marine Advisory Committee members

Anne SmithChair
Chris Cannavan 
Brad Callcott 
Ivan Garrod 
John Henderson 
Joe Linton 
Peter Pryor 
Ben Collinson 
Vanessa Boettcher 

More information

For further information please contact:Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
LMAC Coordinator
PO Box 1379
Tel: (07) 4750 0700