Partnerships and education

Douglas Shire Council

We work with a range of partners to manage and protect the Reef

We continue to work across government and with many partners to support the care and development of the Marine Park.

Through targeted partnerships, education and stewardship programs, we work to establish mutually beneficial relationships with First Nations People, local, state and Australian government agencies, reef-dependent industries, schools, community groups, and the public more broadly.

These programs aim to genuinely collaborate, raise awareness, influence best practice, foster innovative actions, build a sense of collective responsibility to care, and empower others to contribute to Reef protection and resilience.

Focus for 2020-21

Our Corporate Plan 2020-21 sets our strategic direction for the agency for the next four years. Together with the Portfolio Budget Statement and Annual Report it forms the planning and performance framework for the Authority. We also produce a Corporate Plan 2020-2021: at a glance.

Our Corporate Plan provides detailed information on the delivery strategies, performance criteria, and targets for enhancing Reef resilience through partnerships, collaboration, and education.

Our focus in 2020-21 is working with the tourism industry, including Reef HQ Aquarium, and encouraging people to see the Reef, love the Reef and importantly, protect the Reef.

Among the delivery strategies we use to enhance Reef resilience through partnerships, collaboration, and education:

Turtle with warm sunlight near water surface - Image credit Jordan Robins Photography

Watch now: see the Reef, love the Reef, protect the Reef

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