On-ground actions

Marine parks zoning Whitsundays

Our field staff in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

We are the primary environmental regulator for protecting and managing the Marine Park, and use a combination of management tools and approaches to provide certainty about where use may occur, the types of activities allowed, and the conditions under which activities may proceed.

In light of coral bleaching, the ongoing crown-of-thorns starfish outbreak and severe weather events, we’ve revisited and adjusted our strategic plans for managing the Reef with an increased emphasis on facilitating and enabling appropriate intervention activities to support the Reef’s resilience in the face of climate change.

For example ramping up an integrated pest management approach to crown-of-thorns starfish control, and innovative approaches to reef restoration.

Our joint in-field effort with Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service works to protect the World Heritage Area through delivering conservation actions, checking for change, responding to incidents, welcoming people, upholding compliance and working with First Nations People.

Our in-field compliance is risk-focused and well-planned through intelligence-driven patrols and deployments to deter and detect illegal activity. Our combined efforts reduce the threats that some direct users pose to enable improved Reef resilience to withstand other threats.

Focus for 2020-21

Our Corporate Plan 2020-21 sets our strategic direction for the agency for the next four years. Together with the Portfolio Budget Statement and Annual Report it forms the planning and performance framework for the Authority. We also produce a Corporate Plan 2020-2021: at a glance.

Our Corporate Plan provides detailed information on the delivery strategies, performance criteria, and targets around how we enhance Reef resilience through innovation, management and regulation of the Marine Park and our in-field presence.

Our focus in 2020-21 is transforming our policy, planning and regulatory approach through implementation of the Policy and Planning Strategic Roadmap to deliver the policy and regulatory settings needed for the future.

Among the delivery strategies we use to enhance Reef resilience through innovation, management and regulation of the Marine Park and our in-field presence:

Image of aerial, Great Barrier Reef. Image credit Superjoseph

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GBRMPA compliance patrols

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