Vessel Registration Levels for the Great Barrier Reef Catchment Area

This site contains a summary of the recreational vessel registrations for the Great Barrier Reef Catchment Area. The 17 Local Government Areas (LGA) contained within the Great Barrier Reef Catchment Area. The information presented on this site is based on data from Queensland Transport.

Registration information is available from December 2001 for:

  1. All recreational vessels: The combined total of motorboats, speedboats (including personal watercraft) and sailboats.
  2. Motorboats: A boat, without a sail, that is a displacement hulled boat and/or a boat with an engine capacity between 3.0 and 4.5 kwbp.
  3. Sailboats: A boat with a sail.
  4. Speedboats: A vessel without a sail that is solely powered by a motor in excess of 4.5kwbp, being either a boat with a planing or non-displacement hull capable of travelling in excess of 10 knots; or a Personal Watercraft.
  5. Personal Watercraft (PWC): also termed "jetskis"

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* denotes pre-amalgamation
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Sail BoatsMotor BoatsSpeed BoatsPWCAll Craft
2001Banana Shire*0000770
Bowen Shire*00001416
Bulloo Shire*00008
Bundaberg City*00003540
Burdekin Shire*00002903
Burnett Shire*00001157
Cairns City*00006480
Calliope Shire*00001310
Cardwell Shire*00001146
Charters Towers City*0000369
Cook Shire*0000824
Eacham Shire*0000398
Fitzroy Shire*0000430
Gladstone City*00002095
Hinchinbrook Shire Council*00001722
Isis Shire*0000538
Johnstone Shire*00001795
Mackay City Council*00006262
Miriam Vale Shire Council*0000555
Rockhampton City Council*00002983
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The chart showing 2001 | Banana Shire* series, 2001 | Bowen Shire* series, 2001 | Bulloo Shire* series, 2001 | Bundaberg City* series, 2001 | Burdekin Shire* series, 2001 | Burnett Shire* series, 2001 | Cairns City* series, 2001 | Calliope Shire* series, 2001 | Cardwell Shire* series, 2001 | Charters Towers City* series, 2001 | Cook Shire* series, 2001 | Eacham Shire* series, 2001 | Fitzroy Shire* series, 2001 | Gladstone City* series, 2001 | Hinchinbrook Shire Council* series, 2001 | Isis Shire* series, 2001 | Johnstone Shire* series, 2001 | Mackay City Council* series, 2001 | Miriam Vale Shire Council* series, 2001 | Rockhampton City Council* series.