Hinchinbrook Plan of Management

The Hinchinbrook Plan of Management 2004 is designed to protect the outstanding natural values of the Hinchinbrook region and to provide for the long-term sustainable use of this world famous area.

The Hinchinbrook Planning Area, (the area to which the Plan applies), consists of waters within the Commonwealth’s Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and lies generally offshore from Cardwell in North Queensland, from the town of Mission Beach in the north to as far south as Ingham. The Hinchinbrook Planning Area does not include internal waters of the State of Queensland, including the Hinchinbrook Channel.

The Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service is currently finalising a complementary management plan that will cover waters within the State Marine Park such as the Hinchinbrook Channel and intertidal waters. This Plan should be read in conjunction with the Hinchinbrook Marine Management Plan, once finalised.

Hinchinbrook Plan of Management 2004 [1.87MB]

Hinchinbrook Planning Area Map