Advertising for public input

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) will notify permit applicants if public advertising is required as part of the permit assessment process.

The following steps form part of the public advertising process for permit applicants.

  1. Prepare an information package for public use. These can include:
    • an introduction about the company applying for the permit
    • an overview of works to be undertaken, including, if relevant, construction works and/or operation facts and time lines
    • a description of how environmental impact will be managed
    • maps of the proposed location, showing relevant site management arrangements (such as zoning or settings) and if relevant, a drawing of the proposal
    • how the proposal may impact reasonable use of the Marine Park by other users
    • frequently asked questions, relevant policies and contact details.
  2. Draft a public notice (using a standard format) to be published in a local Queensland newspaper circulating in the area near the location of your proposal. Contact the newspaper to arrange a publication date (at your expense), preferably on a Saturday.
  3. Submit a copy of your information package and advertisement to GBRMPA for approval, at least 21 days before the intended publishing date.
  4. Publish the information package on your website – GBRMPA will link to this package on its website. The package should be made available on the same day the newspaper advertisement is published.
  5. The period for public comment is a minimum of 30 days but it may be extended (for example, due to a public holiday period).

After the public comment period, GBRMPA may schedule a meeting to discuss the outcome of the public consultation, and will notify the applicant if meetings with stakeholders are required.