Managing your EMC obligations

Keeping records 

We encourage the use of EMC Online or electronic logbooks to submit environmental management charge (EMC) data.

We provide electronic EMC logbooks to permittees at the beginning of each calendar year, and to new permittees a few weeks after a permit is granted. 

EMC Online

What is EMC Online?

EMC Online is a new web-based system to assist you in managing your EMC obligations. It is a user-friendly application with the ability to integrate EMC reporting into daily business practices and resolve accounts online.

Once you have entered your visitation data on EMC Online, the total amount of EMC owing will be calculated. A secure online payment facility is provided.

EMC Online provides ready access to a range of payment options and reduces the administrative tasks involved in providing EMC information.

What are the benefits for you?

Once you are up and running and using EMC Online, you may notice a number of benefits for you and your business, including:

  • a user-friendly system where EMC visitation information is easy to enter and less time is spent manually completing logbooks
  • automatic calculation of the total amount of EMC owing
  • a secure online payment facility with a range of payment options to suit your business
  • the ability to customise the system to suit your operation
  • allows you to integrate EMC reporting into your business practices
  • a better quality service from GBRMPA.
Need help?

Please call our EMC Online help-desk weekdays between 9am and 5pm.

EMC Online help-desk

Phone: (07) 4750 0837

Electronic logbooks

Permittees with bareboat and aircraft operations are required to submit electronic logbooks. Permittees with vessel operations are also encouraged to complete electronic logbooks. Electronic logbooks are supplied to permittees and are also available for download. Or email EMC and request a logbook be emailed to you.


The Regulations require all permittees to meet obligations relating to EMC. Obligations include maintaining appropriate records to determine the amount of EMC payable, providing other information when requested, and lodging and submitting payment by the due dates.

Failure to meet EMC obligations may invoke the following penalties:

  1. Late payment: penalty of either $250 or 20 per cent per annum of the amount owing, calculated from the due date.
  2. Failure to give information or returns
  3. Not keeping proper records
  4. Altering records to claim exemption
  5. Not retaining records for two years
  6. Not recording information in the logbook supplied or in a form approved by GBRMPA

Permits may be suspended or revoked if the permittee fails to comply with the Regulations requiring the provision of information, logbooks and payments. It is illegal to operate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park if your permit is suspended or revoked.

It is important to note that failure to meet EMC obligations may result in criminal proceedings as well as civil penalties. More information can be found in the Act and Regulations or by contacting GBRMPA.

Infringement notices

Infringement notices may be issued by inspectors for breaches of record-keeping requirements. Breaches are dealt with by an on-the-spot fine instead of progressing the matter through the courts.

Infringement notices may be issued for:
  • Not keeping proper records
  • Altering records to claim exemption
  • Not recording information in the logbook supplied or in a form approved by GBRMPA
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