Zoning, Permits and Plans


Zoning applies in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Find out where you can go and what you can do. Penalties apply for not following the zoning rules.

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Zoning maps

Zoning Maps help you get to know the zones. Before heading out on the water make sure you have a Zoning Map, know the zones and what's allowed there.

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Plans of Management

For intensively used, or particularly vulnerable groups of islands and reefs, and for the protection of vulnerable species or ecological communities.

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Find out which activities in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park require a permit. Most visitors to the Marine Park will not require a permit for recreational activities.

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Environmental Management Charge

A charge associated with most commercial activities, including tourism operations, non-tourist charter operations, and facilities.

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Environmental assessment management

As a multiple-use area, the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park supports a range of activities and it is important to ensure they have minimal impact on the marine environment.

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