The management arrangements for moorings in the Great Barrier Reef is detailed in the Policy on Moorings in the Great Barrier Reef.

We encourage Marine Park vessel operators to use moorings wherever possible, as an important step in minimising anchor damage and providing for ecologically sustainable use.

There are two types of moorings in the Marine Park:

I think I’ve found an illegal mooring – who should I tell?

Most structures in the Marine Park, including moorings, require the permission of the Great Barrier Reef Maine Park Authority and Queensland Parks and Wildlife (QPWS), to be installed and operated.

If you suspect a mooring is not legally permitted (for example, if no mooring reference number is displayed on a private mooring), you can use the Incident Report form to inform the agency or local Marine Parks office of the details of the structure.

Alternatively, please contact any of the offices listed at the bottom of the form.

I’ve found a damaged mooring or loose buoy – who should I tell?

If you have found a damaged mooring, please make a note of any markings and it’s GPS position so it can be reported. If you have found a buoy that has come adrift, please report it as below:

  • If it’s any other colour, it’s likely to be a private mooring. Private moorings should have a number either moulded or engraved into them, for example GM0123. Please contact the agency on (07) 4750 0700.