Great Barrier Reef National Landscape

The Great Barrier Reef has joined with some of Australia's most spectacular and impressive natural and cultural landscapes in a program partnering tourism with conservation.

As part of the National Landscapes Program the importance of the Great Barrier Reef region is recognised and we are reminded why it is so important to protect it and conserve it.

What is a National Landscape?

Australia's National Landscapes capture the essence of our country – they are our most inspirational environments. The Australian National Landscape program identifies 'the best in nature'.

Australia's National Landscapes Program is a partnership between tourism and conservation which aims to promote Australia's world class, high quality visitor experiences and build support for protecting our natural and cultural assets. It helps regional tourism operators develop quality tourism products and services that celebrate the environmental significance and importance of Australia's unique landscapes.

What's in it for the Great Barrier Reef?

Enormous benefits for the Reef and its tourism industry can be achieved through the National Landscapes Program.

As one of the largest and best known coral reef ecosystems in the world and one of the largest marine protected areas, the Great Barrier Reef is a significant part of our planet.

The Great Barrier Reef is the very reason many visitors choose Australia, and in particular Queensland as their travel destination. It is top of mind for many domestic and international visitors, reinforcing our responsibility for continued vigilance in its management.

A healthy and vibrant Great Barrier Reef is very important for the tourism industry and what they can offer their clients. Equally important is the contribution that the tourism industry makes to the management of the Great Barrier Reef.

The National Landscape Program takes the partnership between the tourism industry and the Great Barrier Reef and helps it evolve and grow.

The program can help turn visitors into advocates – they get a deeper understanding of the environment, they can see how fragile it is and they are motivated to help protect it.

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The National Landscapes Program includes other iconic Australian destinations such as Ningaloo – Shark Bay, Australia's Red Centre and the Australian Alps.