Year of the Reef

International Year of the Reef graphic of coral and fish

The International Year of the Reef 2018 (IYOR) is an International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI) campaign.

We'll host and facilitate a full program of events and projects with key partners. You can stay up-to-date with these via our social media channels, through the national education centre ReefHQ in Townsville, and also on the ICRI website.

We are a founding member of ICRI and will lead the Australian Government delegation’s co-chair responsibilities with Monaco for the ICRI secretariat in the 2018–20 terms, which includes International Year of the Reef activities.

Take actions to support our environment

As part of the celebrations of coral reefs worldwide, everyone is encouraged to consider actions they can take to reduce the impacts of warming ocean temperatures and broader climate change effects on reef ecosystems.

Everyone — regardless of where they live — can help look after the environment, which will ultimately help reefs. We’re promoting five actions the broader Australian community can pledge to take in their home, office or school to contribute to the environment.

Here's some ways you can pledge your support, and we encourage you to share these with us on social media using #LoveTheReef:

  • Reduce electricity use — turn off power at the wall when not in use and use energy efficient appliances and LED light fittings
  • Stop using single-use coffee cups and straws — bring your own reusable coffee cups and say no to single-use straws
  • Reduce your carbon emissions when getting around — ride, walk, carpool or use public transport, and consider vehicles with improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduce use of plastic — do a waste audit to see how much plastic you’re using and where you can minimise it, for example take reusable containers for your lunch, reusable shopping bags, or purchase bulk foods
  • Consider using renewable energy — install solar power and hot water and purchase green power if available

Other ways to get involved

  • Download a digital graphics kit containing graphics you can use to share the message and integrate IYOR 2018 into your on screen presence.
  • Visit Reef HQ Aquarium where a number of shows and information will be shared at the national education centre in Townsville, with activities for you to join.
  • Stay connected for updates on events and activities as part of International Year of the Reef by signing up to our newsletter and following us on social media.
  • Pledge what you will do from now on to benefit the environment and the Reef by telling your friends and colleagues and posting on social media.
  • Share your climate change actions or projects with us by posting on social media with the hashtag #lovetheReef #iyor2018. We will be monitoring these and may share to our audience.
  • Frame your profile picture on Facebook with the International Year of the Reef FB Frame that's accessible here.
  • Ask your questions about the Great Barrier Reef as part of our Facebook Live events from Reef HQ Aquarium. Look out for updates on our page.
  • Join monitoring programs, volunteer, participate in community programs and activities.