Story Place

Story Place - Information on traditional connections to sea – is a reference database that shares information and knowledge about Traditional Owners and their relationship with land and sea country in the Great Barrier Reef Region.


Story Place logoStory Place is a useful resource for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, managers, researchers, students, stakeholders and other people interested in learning more about Traditional Owner connections with the Great Barrier Reef.

The database holds hundreds of references relating to Indigenous history and co-operative management practices within the Great Barrier Reef region. Information is updated regularly, dates from 1907 onwards and includes journal articles, conference proceedings, books, reports, DVDs, CD-ROMs, video recordings, websites and newspaper articles.

Instructions for using Story Place

Story Place references are managed using the web-based program RefShare. Using this program, you can conduct simple and advanced searches and then save and download your search results. See Help in the bibliography menu for more details or contact Library and Image Services for further assistance with accessing documents.

Simple searches

The ‘Search RefShare’ box on the far right of the screen allows you to enter a word to search all fields in the entire contents of the folder or database.

Advanced searches

  • The ‘Search’ option on the left side of the screen allows you to search fields including: Author, Title, Periodical, Descriptor, Abstract, PubYear, Volume or Ref ID.
  • Further specify and search more than one field by joining two words with a connecting word such as “and”, “or” or “not”.

Saving and downloading search results

After finding the desired records, you can select them by clicking the boxes to the left of each record and using the following options:

  • Sort your selected records using the ‘Sort’ option at the right side of the screen
  • Print the records using the ‘Print’ option at the left side of the screen.

Exporting search results

Search results can be saved in your RefShare account or downloaded and exported into other programs by choosing the ‘Export’ option on the left of the screen. The following formats are:

Creating a bibliography

  • Choose the ‘Create Bibliography’ option and choose your desired output style and file type (for example Story Place Citation Abstract, RefID)
  • Preview your bibliography and copy and paste it into a separate document
  • Records can be imported into Bibliographic software (for example EndNote, Reference Manager, ProCite or any other bibliographic management program that support the RIS format).

Citation List

  • Creates a list for use when writing your paper offline.

RefShare Tagged Format

  • Use this format for back up purposes and for sharing data with other RefShare users.

Tab delimited

  • Saves all records with a tab separating each field. May be loaded onto other programs designed to read this type of format.

We would like to thank the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) for their support and assistance in this project. In particular, we acknowledge their generosity in allowing the inclusion of the Language Bibliographies prepared by the AIATSIS Library.


In order to improve this service, we need your feedback. Please tell us what is useful, what works and what doesn't. In addition, we are happy to receive copies of new and relevant material that you think should be included into Story Place bibliography.

Contact the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Library and Image Services on (07) 4750 0801 or email

Further information

Search other library catalogues and resources for more information about Traditional Owners in the Great Barrier Reef region.