Tourism Weekly Monitoring Surveys

Eye on the Reef — Tourism Weekly Monitoring Surveys represents a successful partnership between the tourism industry, Marine Park managers and researchers.

The program began in 1997 with tourism operators undertaking regular surveys of popular areas.

Operators taking part in Tourism Weekly Monitoring supply valuable data that allows for effective management of the Reef.

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Participation requirements

Participants must commit to surveying the same reef site on a weekly basis, at least 40 times a year. This commitment is vital, as the strength of the Tourism Weekly Monitoring program is based on gathering long-term trend data on specific reef sites.

The survey form records reef health indicators, environmental measurements and the presence of protected and iconic species. All of these factors directly relate to specific known concerns about the resilience of the Reef.

By taking part in this monitoring programme, tourism operators gain detailed knowledge that can help them improve the local management of their site, update reef interpretation tours and tailor products for their visitors.


The Tourism Weekly Monitoring training has three parts.

Foundation training (two hours)

The first step involves completing the Eye on the Reef — Tourism Weekly Monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef online training program. There are nine training modules, each of which takes about an hour to complete.

Quarterly workshops (two hours, four times a year)

The second step involves attending quarterly workshops in your local area, where the program coordinator will address emerging issues and a guest researcher will present on a relevant topic. Refreshers relevant to the time of year  are also available through multi-media presentations.

In-water training (full day commitment)

Following successful completion of the online training course, tourism staff should attend the yearly in-water training day.

To register your interest in joining the Eye on the Reef — Tourism Operators Weekly Monitoring program,  please register here.