Be part of the Eye on the Reef program

You can help protect the Great Barrier Reef by getting involved in the Eye on the Reef program. By reporting your reef sightings and observations, you will be helping to build our knowledge of reef-wide ecosystem health and resilience.

Whether you only have five minutes to spare, or can commit to regular surveys, you can help keep an eye on the Reef. Use the table below to match the time you have available with the time needed to accurately complete each type of survey/report.

The program is designed to help build knowledge and understanding of the Reef as you work your way through the training.

Sighting and Survey tools
Time needed to complete survey/report
Training requirement
Eye on the Reef app
5 minutes

None. Download the free Eye on the Reef smart phone app.

Rapid Monitoring Survey  15-20 minutes Completion of Rapid Monitoring online training modules recommended.
Reef Health and Impact Surveys Up to 20 minutes per survey, three surveys per reef site Completion of Reef Health and Impact Survey online training modules, plus at least one in-water training day for those undertaking this survey on an occupational basis.
Tourism Operators Weekly Monitoring 30 minutes set aside on a weekly basis Completion of Introduction to monitoring on the Great Barrier Reef online training modules plus attendance at quarterly training workshops and one annual in-water training day.

For more information about the program or to give feedback, please email the Eye on the Reef team.

Management use of Eye on the Reef information

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority uses the information supplied by participants to gather a Reef-wide picture of ecosystem health and species distribution. Information may also be used to assess the impacts of incidents in the Marine Park, such as cyclones, flood plumes, coral bleaching, coral disease and crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks.

The Eye on the Reef data also contributes to our current conditions on the Great Barrier Reef reports.