Reef Rescue

In December 2008, the Australian Government under the Caring for our Country initiative, committed $10 million over five years towards the Reef Rescue Land and Sea Country Indigenous Partnerships Program. The program actively engages Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities in the management and protection of the reef's marine resources and cultural diversity through:

  1. The expansion of Traditional Use of Marine Resources Agreements (TUMRAs) across the Great Barrier Reef Catchment
  2. Strengthening communications and knowledge sharing
  3. Enhancing compliance
  4. Engaging with communities
  5. Building community capacity through Grants and sponsorship opportunities.

The Reef Rescue Land and Sea Country Indigenous Partnerships Program is closely coordinated with other Caring for our Country Indigenous Partnership initiatives which provide opportunities for longer term funding and employment such as Working on Country, while also contributing to broader Australian Government goals including Closing the Gap for Indigenous Australians.