Profile - Gareth Andrew

Gladstone’s Gareth Andrew has more than 25 years’ experience in the reef line fishing industry and was the first Reef Guardian Fisher in the program.

Gareth and his wife Christine, along with their children Lily and Reefe, skipper Travis Millhouse and their dory men, are proud of their fishing business and their efforts to fish sustainably.

The family and crew are working with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to identify practices that help their business and the resource that it depends on.

Gareth believes that for the little effort involved in doing the right thing, the outcome for the Reef and the commercial fishing industry is great.

"Good environmental practices benefit the Reef, my business and my family," Gareth said.

"We fish responsibly on the reef, we fish the right zones and we anchor carefully to prevent damage to coral.

"We fish in ways that maximise the health of fish populations.

"For example, non-stainless steel hooks corrode in saltwater and don't harm any fish that get away with a hook attached to them.

"We also release fish close to the reef so they can escape predators and get back to the reef safely.

"We recognise that for our business to be economically viable in the long term, we need a healthy marine environment and a resilient Great Barrier Reef."