Standard Exclusions for Boat Tours and Charters

To help conserve and protect important natural and cultural areas, including seabird and turtle nesting areas, and to provide a range of recreational opportunities for private visitors, there are some locations that boat tour and charter operations may not be permitted to visit. The list below details the usual exclusions for each Management Area of the Marine Park:

Please read your permit to check the specific exclusions that apply to your operation. The permit condition will generally read 'The Permittee must not access the following areas during the periods specified, unless otherwise endorsed on this permit.'

There are also standard exclusions for motorised water sports

Far Northern Management Area

Reef No.AreaPeriod
14-063Intertidal areas adjacent to Combe Island (Howick Island Group)All Year
14-054Intertidal areas adjacent to Stapleton Island (Howick Island Group)All Year
13-107Intertidal areas adjacent to Pelican Island (Claremont Isles Group)All Year
13-081Intertidal areas adjacent to Fife Island (Claremont Isles Group)All Year
13-061cIntertidal areas adjacent to Sandbank No 7All Year
13-056Intertidal areas adjacent to Sandbank No 8All Year
12-027Intertidal areas adjacent to Quoin IslandAll Year
11-174Intertidal areas adjacent to Magra Islet (Saunders Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
11-165Intertidal areas adjacent to Saunders Islet (Saunders Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
11-138Intertidal areas adjacent to Macarthur Islands (Saunders Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
11-138Intertidal areas adjacent to Bushy Islets (2 islands) (Saunders Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
11-055Intertidal areas adjacent to Wallace Islet (Denham Island Group)All Year
11-055Intertidal areas adjacent to Cholmondeley Islet (Denham Island Group)All Year
11-035Intertidal areas adjacent to Milman Island (Denham Island Group)All Year
11-010Intertidal areas adjacent to Cairncross Islet (Denham Island Group)1 Sep - 31 Mar

Cairns/Cooktown Management Area

Reef No.AreaPeriod
N/AAll State Marine Park rivers, streams and inletsAll Year
17-051Waters adjacent to Beaver ReefAll Year
N/AIntertidal areas adjacent to Cape Tribulation BayAll Year
14-118Intertidal areas adjacent to Eagle Islet1 Sep - 31 Mar
14-132Intertidal areas adjacent to Rocky Islets1 Sep - 31 Mar
14-116dIntertidal areas adjacent to Seabird Islet (Lizard Island Group)All Year
17-046Intertidal areas adjacent to Sisters Island (South Barnards Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
17-046Intertidal areas adjacent to Stephens Island (South Barnards Islands)1 Sep - 31 Mar
15-005Intertidal areas adjacent to Three IslandsAll Year
15-064Intertidal areas adjacent to West Hope Island1 Sep - 31 Mar

Townsville/Whitsunday Management Area

Reef No.AreaPeriod
N/AAll State Marine Park rivers and streams between Edgecumbe Bay (Adelaide Point) and Midge PointAll Year
18-008Intertidal areas adjacent to the Brook IslandsAll Year
19-009gWaters adjacent to Lovers Bay (Magnetic Island)All Year
19-009gWaters adjacent to Wilson Bay (Magnetic Island)All Year
18-014Intertidal areas at Agnes Beach (Hinchinbrook Island)All Year
20-022Intertidal areas adjacent to Armit Island (South Beach only)1 Oct - 31 March
20-019bIntertidal areas adjacent to Bird IslandAll Year
20-017Intertidal areas adjacent to Black IslandAll Year
20-024Intertidal areas adjacent to Double Cone Island (West Island only)1 Oct - 31 March
20-054Intertidal areas adjacent to East RockAll Year
20-012Intertidal areas adjacent to Eshelby IslandAll Year
18-013bIntertidal areas adjacent to Eva Island1 Oct - 31 March
20-026Intertidal areas adjacent to Edwin RockAll Year
20-030Intertidal areas to Grassy Island (South Beach only)1 Oct - 31 March
19-103Intertidal areas adjacent to Holbourne Island1 Oct - 31 March
20-023Intertidal areas adjacent to Little Armit Island1 Oct - 31 March
 Intertidal areas adjacent to Little Eshelby IslandAll Year
17-053aIntertidal areas adjacent to Mound (Purtaboi) Island1 Oct - 31 March
20-021Intertidal areas adjacent to Olden Rock (South East of Olden Island)1 Oct - 31 March
18-001bIntertidal areas adjacent to Pee Rahm Ah Island1 Oct - 31 March
17-053cIntertidal areas adjacent to Woln-Garin Island1 Oct - 31 March
20-210Intertidal areas adjacent to South Repulse Island (West Beach only, excluding campsite)1 Oct - 31 March
20-102Intertidal areas adjacent to Shaw Island (Burning Point beach only)1 Oct - 31 March

Mackay/Capricorn Management Area

Reef No.AreaPeriod
21-435Waters adjacent to Bell CayAll Year
21-511Waters adjacent to Frigate CayAll Year
21-556Waters adjacent to Gannet CayAll Year
21-518Waters adjacent to Price CayAll Year
21-172Waters adjacent to Riptide CayAll Year
21-467Waters adjacent to Thomas (Twin Cay)All Year
20-310Waters adjacent to Bushy Island1 Oct - 31 March
23-081Waters adjacent to East Fairfax Island1 Oct - 31 March
23-080Waters adjacent to East Hoskyn Island1 Oct - 31 March
23-068Waters adjacent to Erskine Island1 Oct - 31 March
20-310Waters adjacent to Redbill Island1 Oct - 31 March
23-081Waters adjacent to West Fairfax Island1 Oct - 31 March
23-080Waters adjacent to West Hoskyn Island1 Oct - 31 March
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