Good Neighbour Behavior

About 2000 kilometres long and covering 344 400 square kilometres, the Great Barrier Reef is a vast aquatic ‘neighbourhood’ which hosts almost two million tourists and over fourteen million recreational visits each year.

You’d be lucky to see another living soul in some parts but other spots are quite busy. At these busier locations, there’s a very real call for the Marine Park’s users to observe an unofficial code of conduct or ‘good neighbour behaviour’ to ensure that the neighbourhood continues to thrive and prosper, and its visitors have a positive experience.

‘Good neighbour behaviour’ on the Marine Park is all about mutually respecting and cooperating with those who share this incredible environment with you.

Responsible Reef Practices

  • Be courteous towards all other reef users (recreational and commercial) that share your location - always act professionally, and in a responsible manner.
  • Make radio contact with other vessels at the site to determine the activities they are doing, and where they are doing them.
  • Try to match your activities to the setting around you and to the activities of others at the site. Be particularly conscious of the amount of noise you are making.
  • Avoid disturbing the activities of others that are already under way.
  • Be aware of safety issues in the area. Let other users know if there are any concerns.
  • Follow local site arrangements and codes of conduct, where applicable.
  • Regularly catch up with other operators who use an area to discuss any particular site issues.
  • Prevent overcrowding at a site by setting up a roster system with other tourism operators and other regular users.
  • Do not use infrastructure or moorings without permission from the owners.
  • Anchor at the maximum safe and practical distance from other vessels to ensure privacy for all concerned.
  • If divers are in the area, double check their location before moving your vessel.