Protected Species

Some species that live in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park are protected. You must not 'take' or 'possess' any protected species listed below in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park unless you have a Marine Parks permit.

Note: 'Take' includes removing, gathering, killing or interfering with, or attempting to take. 'Possess' means to have custody or control of. There may be special arrangements for Traditional Owners.

Scientific Name - Common name/s or examples


1    Family Tridacnidae (all species) - Giant clams
2    Cassis cornuta
  - Helmet shell
3    Charonia tritonis
  - Giant triton shell


4    Families Syngnathidae and Solenostomidae (all species) - Seahorses, pipefish, seadragons
4A    Family Pristidae (all species)
- Freshwater sawfish, green sawfish, dwarf sawfish, narrow sawfish
Epinephelus tukula - Potato rockcod
6    Epinephelus lanceolatus
- Queensland groper
Cheilinus undulatus - Humphead Maori wrasse
8    Cromileptes altivelis
  - Barramundi cod
9    Rhincodon typus
  - Whale shark
Carcharias taurus  - Greynurse shark
11    Carcharodon carcharias
  - White shark
11A    Glyphis glyphis
  - Speartooth shark

Marine reptiles

12    Genus Crocodylus (all species)  - Crocodiles
13    Families Hydrophiidae and Laticaudidae (all species)
  - Sea snakes
14    Family Cheloniidae (all species)
  - Green turtle, loggerhead turtle, olive ridley turtle, hawksbill turtle, flatback turtle
15    Family Dermochelyidae
  - Leatherback turtle


16    Class Aves (all species)  - Birds

Marine mammals

17    Families Otariidae and Phocidae (all species)  - Seals
18    Dugong dugon
  - Dugong
19    Order Cetacea (all species)
  - Whales and dolphins