Voluntary Emissions Labelling Scheme

To help boat owners choose outboard engines based on comparable emissions, Outboard Engine Distributors Australia (OEDA) has implemented an emissions ratings system known as the Voluntary Emissions Labelling Scheme (VELS) for sales of new outboard engines, similar to energy and water efficiency ratings schemes for household appliances (see the VELS table below).

VELS star ratings

OEDA Australia Star Rating
Star Rating Description
OEDA Emissions Limit*
Zero Star
High emission: Will be a handful of older design two-stroke engines
> 250
One Star
Low emission: Most traditional two-stroke engines
68.4 - 250
Two Stars
Very low emission: Some two-stroke direct injection and four-stroke engines
30 - 64.8
Three Stars
Ultra low emission: Most two-stroke direct injection and four-stroke engines
5 - 30
Four Stars
Super ultra low emission: For future technologies
< 5

 * The OEDA Emissions Limits rate engines based on Hydrocarbon (HC) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) emissions, measured in grammes per kilowatt per hour.