Stewardship and Best Practice

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and the marine tourism industry are pursuing common goals of a healthy sustainable reef and a vibrant sustainable tourism industry. To this end, the GBRMPA is offering tangible benefits to those high standard operators who operate best practice marine tourism in the Marine Park, especially where those practices help to protect and present the values of the Marine Park and where operators work in partnership to help manage the Reef. High standard operators are the stewards of the Great Barrier Reef.

As a first step to achieving high standards, please become familiar with the Responsible Reef Practices for the Marine Park. Many operators already follow all or some of these practices in their daily operations; even in this case, please check each activity to see if there is anything else you could be doing.

To be recognised as high standard tourism operator you need to test your operating standards against a national benchmark by a recognised certification scheme. Once you are appropriately certified, you are eligible to be recognised as a high standard tourism operator.