Making use of Your Special Tourism Permission

You will retain first option to continue operating under your special tourism permission providing you have made reasonable use of that permission (and you apply for your next permit before your current one expires).

How much must I use my permit?

For all current special tourism permissions, reasonable use means taking passengers into the Marine Park for an average of 50 days use per year. This applies to each vessel or aircraft that is endorsed to undertake capped activities. The number of passengers carried will not be reviewed.

As with all permits, you must also commence operations under your permit within the first two years of being granted the permit.

How do I check my use?

The easiest way to check the use of your special tourism permission is to regularly review your Environmental Management Charge logbooks. If you have any queries or problems, contact the GBRMPA.

How will my use be reviewed?

The GBRMPA will check whether you have made reasonable use when you apply to continue your permit.

The GBRMPA will make a separate decision about each endorsed vessel or aircraft. However, you are able to spread use of the Marine Park across more than one endorsed vessel or aircraft on the permit. Check with the GBRMPA about this option.

Use of ancillary vessels, such as glass bottom boats, semi-submersibles and dive tenders, will not be reviewed.

Use will be reviewed over the entire term of the permit, except:

  • If your permit has been transferred to you, you may request that only use since the transfer be reviewed.
  • If your permit was issued before the policy was introduced (13 August 2003), you may request that only use since that date be reviewed.

If your endorsed vessels are operated with a Vessel or Bareboat Identification Number (VIN or BIN), the GBRMPA will consider the use made of each identification number listed on your permit.

What use can I count?

To demonstrate use of your special tourism permission, you must have provided services to passengers in the Marine Park while operating under the permission. Accessing the Marine Park for other purposes (such as having a vessel permanently moored) will not be counted in a review of reasonable use.

You may include your total amount of use in the Marine Park, regardless of whether the use was in connection with a capped activity.

Use of the Marine Park for any part of a day will demonstrate use on that day. Multiple visits on the one day demonstrate only one day's use.

How do I demonstrate my use?

Usually you will be able to demonstrate the amount you have used your special tourism permission by referring to Environmental Management Charge logbook data. You may include use within the State Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park. Other forms of proof may be accepted.

For beach hire operations, you will need to provide your own records or a statutory declaration as your EMC records will not demonstrate daily use. Use in a day of any piece of hire equipment will demonstrate one day's use.

What if I vary my permit/s?

If you want to change your operation or business plans, you may need to request changes to your permit. In assessing such a request, the GBRMPA will not review your use of the special tourism permission, providing you retain the existing expiry date.

At any stage, you may ask for your permit or permits to be constructed differently so as to provide a better outcome with regard to this policy. Permits will be reconfigured without reviewing use, providing that the replacement permit retains the earliest expiry date. No fee will be charged for this reconfiguration providing there is no change to what your permit/s allow.

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