Permit Application Assessment Fees

Permit application assessment fees (applies for 2016 calendar year only)

Proposed activity





Activity that requires use of an aircraft or vessel having a maximum passenger capacity of:  
a) less than 25 passengers$720$720
b) 25 to 50 passengers$1,050$840
c) 51 to 100 passengers$1,900


d) 101 to 150 passengers$3,170$1,680
e) more than 150 passengers$5,300$2,110
Activity that requires the use of a facility or structure in the Marine Park$2,320


Activity that requires a public notice (as it may restrict reasonable use by the public)



Activity that requires a public environment report to be prepared$44,440$42,440
Continuation of an activity that required a public environment report, where another report is not required $5,300
Activity that requires an environmental impact statement to be prepared$114,620$114,620
Continuation of an activity that required an environmental impact statement, where another statement is not required $5,300
Any other activity (including moorings)$720$720

Fees for other applications and requests

Transfer of a permit$600
Variation of a permit condition$410
Change to a Vessel Notification Approval (VNA)$56
Replacement of a VIN, BIN or AIN or the documents evidencing an identification number$56
Re-issue of a permit$56
Request to the Authority for information about any of the following: 
(a)  the conditions to which the permission is subject
(b)  whether the permission is in force
(c)  the activities for which the permission has been granted
Request to vary an application if, as a result of the variation: 
(a)  the Authority must notify or re-notify
(b)  an assessment, or an additional assessment, must be made
Request for a summary of documents, being a list of any or all of the following:  
(a)  each permission granted to the person making the request
(b)  each application made by the person

For more information:
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