How to Apply for a Marine Parks Permit

To apply for a Marine Parks permit for a tourism operation or structure you must complete and submit the Marine Parks Permit Application Form  and pay any required Permit Application Assessment Fee.

You will need to make a new application when:

  • You first set up your business
  • Your current permit is close to expiry
  • You want to make significant changes to your operation.

Contact the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) if you require a permit to undertake other activities such as controlling crown-of-thorns starfish outbreaks.

Before you start

Before you fill out your application take the time to:

  • Learn about the application and assessment process
  • Check how much you will need to pay
  • Check that your business plans match the management arrangements for the area where you want to go and the type of operation you are planning
  • Consider what impacts your proposed operation may have on the environment and other users of the area you wish to visit.

Can I apply for a permit before I have a vessel?

You may apply and be granted a permit before you obtain your vessel or aircraft. You will need to nominate the vessel or aircraft to be used and have received written approval before you operate in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Great Barrier Reef Coast Marine Park. In developing your business plans, please note that you are required to commence operations within two years of being granted a permit.

Filling out the application form

  • The application form contains a series of tick the box and open-ended questions about the activities for which you are applying. Make sure you answer all the relevant questions and take the time to read the information boxes because incorrect or insufficient information may slow down the assessment.
  • You may attach additional information that supports or further explains your application.
  • You can authorise other people to act on your behalf in matters regarding Marine Parks permits, but you must write a letter to the GBRMPA advising of this authorisation.
  • Once you have completed the application form check that all the information is accurate and that the right person(s) has signed the application.
  • A hard copy of the application form should be submitted directly to the GBRMPA.

When do I pay?

How long does a decision take?

It is recommended that you lodge your applications at least three months prior to the date you need a permit. When lodging an application for complex projects you should contact GBRMPA regarding assessment times.

How can I keep track of my application?

  • Once your application has been received by GBRMPA you will be sent a letter of acknowledgement advising you of:
    • the date the application was received
    • a permit registration number (keep this handy as it identifies your application).
  • If you have any queries regarding your application, contact GBRMPA.
  • It is important to quote your registration number in all correspondence regarding your permit application.

Can I apply online?

GBRMPA and QPWS are working hard to make it easier to apply for a permit and online permit applications are planned. We will advise you once this is possible.

You may need additional permits

A Marine Parks permit will allow you to operate in the Marine Parks.

You may wish to also operate in areas that are not within these Marine Parks or you may wish to undertake an activity that requires additional Queensland Government permits.

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