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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is a wonder of the natural world and every year millions of visitors from around the globe experience its beauty. We all have a responsibility to make sure the Great Barrier Reef is protected, its World Heritage values are presented and visitors are able to experience, appreciate and enjoy the Reef now and into the future.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park provides many exciting and varied opportunities for tourism operators. So that this important industry has a sustainable future in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there are a number of rules, regulations and recommended practices for the area. The content within Onboard will help you understand these important arrangements and show you ways you can improve your product and become involved in Marine Park management.

How to use Onboard

If you are just getting started with a tourism operation in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, there are some fundamental things you should learn about.

Comments, questions or suggestions for Onboard

Please take your time to explore Onboard, there is a wealth of information available. If you have any comments, questions or can't find the information you require within Onboard in relation to your tourism operation, please contact the Tourism and Stewardship section at GBRMPA on 4750 0700 or by email.

Reporting what you see

Report your sightings

The Eye on the Reef mobile phone app can be used to capture, submit and share your sightings, photographs and short video recordings of interesting and unusual things with the Great  Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and others. Report your sightings by downloading the app or by downloading the Sightings form.

Report an incident

You can help the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park by reporting incidents and suspected offences you have witnessed.

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