Green turtle ‘Littlefoot’— rescued, recovered and now ready to be released

Staff from the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital will head to The Strand in Townsville tomorrow (Thursday 7 September) to release the juvenile green turtle, Littlefoot.

Littlefoot was admitted to the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital in July after ingesting a fishing hook.

Veterinarians from James Cook University were able to remove the hook in a three-hour long surgery.

Littlefoot has been recovering at the Turtle Hospital until ready to be released back into the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Since opening in 2009, the Turtle Hospital has cared for more than 225 marine turtles.

Littlefoot’s release will be the culmination of the 2017 Turtle Health and Rehabilitation Symposium in Townsville, which has brought together sea turtle experts from around the country to share their knowledge.

The symposium is a collaborative event between the Sea Turtle Foundation, Turtle Health Research at James Cook University, the Great Barrier Marine Park Authority and its education centre Reef HQ Aquarium.