Reef HQ Great Barrier Reef Aquarium

Green turtle ‘Littlefoot’— rescued, recovered and now ready to be released

Published 19/09/2017

Staff from the Reef HQ Aquarium Turtle Hospital head to The Strand in Townsville  to release the juvenile green turtle, Littlefoot.

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Ghost nets get a new lease on life on floors of Reef HQ

Published 13/07/2017

When you next visit Townsville’s Reef HQ Great Barrier Aquarium, remember to look down at your feet — you’ll be walking on the ocean.

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Making a splash! More mermaids join the holiday fun

Published 08/04/2015

It will be four times the fun these Easter holidays at Reef HQ, as the aquarium’s resident mermaid is joined by three other underwater beauties and their s

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Stingray target training hits the mark

Published 27/03/2015

The memory and intelligence of stingrays is being put to the test as part of unique research into the animals’ learning behaviour — and so far, they’ve pa

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Izzy and Evie dive back into the big blue at Bowen

Published 26/11/2014

A big green turtle that narrowly escaped being on a crocodile’s lunch menu, and a smaller green turtle found stranded in muddy mangroves, will be sent home

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Chinese students take a virtual dive into the Great Barrier Reef

Published 24/11/2014

Using its first-ever video link to students in China, Reef HQ Aquarium will showcase the beauty and wonder of the Great Barrier Reef to the world’s most po

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Harry the hawksbill flies sky high

Published 18/03/2014

Passengers catching a morning flight between Townsville and Mackay tomorrow will be sharing their trip with a special commuter.

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Little Leroy flippers out into the big wide world

Published 06/12/2013

The pint-sized patient that won the hearts of visitors and staff alike at Reef HQ Aquarium’s turtle hospital is on his way home.

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Follow Phillip’s excellent new adventure

Published 29/10/2013

The public will be able to follow the adventures of Phillip the green sea turtle online when he is released back into the Marine Park.

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Chilly turtles warm to Reef HQ Aquarium

Published 03/07/2013

Reef HQ Aquarium has come up with a simple cure for turtles that react badly to winter’s colder water temperatures.

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