Beaconsfield State School rewarded for helping protect the Great Barrier Reef

Published: 21/11/2012

Beaconsfield State School near Mackay has scooped an environmental accolade for protecting their local environment and the Great Barrier Reef.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) will present the school with $1000, as part of the annual Reef Guardian Schools Awards.

GBRMPA Stakeholder Engagement and Stewardship Director Karen Vohland said the school earned the “R-Amp it down Award” for reducing their ecological footprint by finding new ways to minimise their schools energy consumption.

“Our Reef Guardian School students are the future custodians of the Great Barrier Reef and these awards acknowledge their efforts caring for their local environment and promoting real change in their communities,” she said.

“It’s about empowering students and giving them a sense of involvement in the bigger environmental picture, encouraging them to make a positive difference.”

Beaconsfield State School Principal Jenny Kent said it was an honour to accept the award for reducing the school’s environmental footprint.

“Our students have been conducting audits to look at energy wastage throughout the school, as well as monitoring and comparing between classrooms,” Ms Kent said.

“Their strategies for improvement include several skylights being installed as well as an overall reduction in power usage through the LOFACCO policy – lights off, fans off, air conditioners, computers off.

“The students understand we can all participate in small environmental actions every day to look forward to a healthier planet in the future.”

Other Annual Awards winners include Holloways Beach Environmental Education Centre, Redlynch State College, Cleveland District State High School, Kidz at the Beach (Bowen), Kalkie State School, The Hall State School, North Rockhampton State High School, Hervey Bay State High School, and Belgian Gardens State School.

More than 285 schools and over 113,000 students take part in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Reef Guardian Schools program across Queensland.

Each school undertakes a variety of activities aimed at improving the Reef’s health and resilience.

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