Students join forces to help protect the Great Barrier Reef

Published: 19/07/2011

Parramatta State School will be doing their bit to help the Great Barrier Reef by joining the Reef Guardian School Program.

They join more than 230 schools in this action-based school participation program that tackles issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef through environmental stewardship initiatives.   

Through the program, teachers have access to learning materials and students are involved in activities both in and outside the classroom to help protect the Reef.

Phil Laycock from the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority said the students now have the opportunity to get involved in environmental projects that will improve their local environment and the outlook for the Great Barrier Reef.

"Students will be involved in investigating, maintaining and improving the management of the school's resources, in the areas of water, waste and energy use," he said.
"As the future custodians of the Great Barrier Reef, these students have an important role to play in the future of the Reef."

The Reef Guardian Schools Program is a voluntary stewardship program that develops partnerships between schools and their communities to work towards a sustainable future for the Great Barrier Reef.

In its ninth year, this education program currently sees more than 60 000 students committed to the protection and conservation of the World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef.


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