Bartle Frere State School to receive Reef Guardian Award

Published: 21/11/2011

Bartle Frere State School is one of ten Reef Guardian Schools throughout the state that will be rewarded keeping the Great Barrier Reef healthy through environmental initiatives undertaken in the past year.

The school will be presented with a Reef Guardian School Annual Award of $1000 tomorrow, as part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's Reef Guardian Schools program.

Reef Guardian Acting Director Nathan Walker said the school would receive the "Water Warriors Award" for their water-wise initiatives.

"The students at Bartle Frere have reduced the school's water consumption by 50 per cent - having identified water management issues within the school and in response, they implemented a number of water-saving projects and devices," Mr Walker said.

"Each week they engage in a number of activities to ensure that the schools grounds are water-friendly and water-wise.

"They also share their best practice water management with other schools including Babinda State School to encourage water conservation in the wider community."

Reef Guardian Schools are located throughout the Great Barrier Reef catchment and each undertakes a variety of activities aimed at improving the Reef's health and resilience.

Through these activities students learn about the connections between the land and the Reef and the role they can play in looking after it.

There are currently 279 schools and over 110,000 students involved in the Reef Guardian Schools program, which is now in its ninth year.

All Reef Guardian Schools manage their own resources (energy, waste, water and biodiversity), and educate their friends, families and communities about the difference we can all make by 'working together today for a healthier Reef tomorrow'.

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