Nominations now open Cassowary Coast local marine advisory committee

Published: 16/05/2012

Residents with an interest in the Great Barrier Reef are invited to nominate for the Cassowary Coast Local Marine Advisory Committee (LMAC).

The Cassowary Coast LMAC is one of 12 regional committees established from Bundaberg that Cape York to provide advice to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA).

GBRMPA Chairman Russell Reichelt said the committees played a vital role in reef management.

"The Reef faces plenty of challenges into the future, and they are challenges that we can't deal with alone," he said.

"We need help from our communities, and the LMACs provide that connection.

"The LMACs provide advice to us when we develop management proposals, and give us an opportunity to hear about local issues first hand from committee members.

"We want to hear a diversity of views, and for that reason we are encourage a wide range of members with strong community networks."

Recreational, charter and commercial fishing representatives are sought, as well as farmers, tourism operators, Traditional Owners, conservationists and other stakeholders with an interest in the Reef.

The current Cassowary Coast LMAC Chair Bill Shannon said the diversity of members was one of the committee's key strengths.

"The meetings are a good way to get a better understanding of each others' views," he said.

Over the last three years, the LMAC had provided input to the GBRMPA's Recreational Management Strategy and helped researchers understand how cyclone Yasi had affected the Reef and the industries which relied on it.

The committee also produced a fishing and boating brochure for visitors and held public forums on issues of community interest.

The LMAC committees have a three year term during which they meet five times a year.

Further details and nomination forms are available on the GBRMPA website, by emailing or by phoning the Cairns office on (07) 4057 0710. Nominations close on Monday 21 May.

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